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The production Cycle

A simplified outline to understand the production process of the gaskets manufactured in the production plant of TS International®.

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The Only One to offer SPO™

TS International®  has conceived the innovative service SPO™ which guarantees better gaskets at a cost of utilization of up to 40% less.

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The constant level of competence developments and certifications, increase each year the areas where we can make a real difference.

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TS international srl®

Our IDEAL Clients

TS International® is specialized in the production of Rubber Gaskets starting from the technical drawing.

We support our customers in different merchandising sectors, to increase the performance of their products through gaskets with a higher performance in terms of yield, duration and costs.

Our staff is not only formed to sell, but it is prepared, above all, to find the gaskets that are the most Effective and Efficient for your products, reducing to a minimun any hitches in the production and assembly phases thanks to our service SPO (Seal Performance Optimization).

No other competitor is able to supply this special program for Optimization of the Production.

The innovative service SPO and the experience gained in different case studies studied, has allowed us to reduce, at times, up to 35%  of the costs of the utilization of the gaskets and to improve by 80% the assembly times.

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