Innovation for the Client

What makes us unique and a better choice than a "Bigger Competitor"

SPO - The Iron Warranty for the Purchasing Manager of our Clients

SPO stand for Seal Performance Optimization.

SPO is the answer to three fundamental requiements of the Purchasing Manager and the Technical Manager:

- Reduce Costs of the Gaskets

- Speed up the assembly of the gaskets

- Reduce to a minimun the risk of Nonconformity and Stoppages in Production

In absence of other solutions, usually one tries to satisfy these requirements by reducing the price of the gaskets.

The problem is that this often leads to making the problem bigger instead of smaller.

SPO is the first service that does NOT focus on the Price of the gaskets, but on the Cost of Utilization for the Client, that is on the total cost of the gaskets and all the risks of cost derived from the choice of having purchased from one specific supplier.


How does SPO™ function?

This service is organized in two phases:

#1: Training of the staff of the Client assigned to design, purchase and assemble the gaskets

BASIC IDEA: The absence of training in some technical subjects which only those who work in the world of gaskets know, cause big problems in the company, for example:

- Errors in design.

- Excessive "invisible" waste.

- Risk of "invisible" stoppages in production.

- Risk affecting the quality of the finished product.

- "Invisible" Solutions for improvement.

#2: Free periodic analysis of the Life cycle of the gaskets and a REPORT  with ideas for Improvement

BASIC IDEA: If every Client possessed an technician expert in gaskets gifted with pro activity in the research of solutions for improvement, who periodically visited the assembly cycle of the gaskets and exchanged ideas with the technical department, it would mean:

- The Purchasing Manager could insert a process of continuous improvement in the costs of Utilization.

- The Technical Manager could reduce the risks of problems and adopt solutions for improvement thanks to development in skills in the technical gaskets sector.

- The Company could increase the technical quality of the product and guarantee of long life and use in particular surroundings.

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