Production Process

The Production Process of TS International®

The Production Process is one of our Strong Points, because of this we would like to give a brief but detailed panorama of how it works, so that the Purchasing Manager and the Technical Manager can have a general picture of our company and understand more precisely the difference between our Production Process (which is all internal) and that of the other competitors, used to trusting some fundamental parts of the process to external companies.


Production  Process


Phase 1: Collect the Client's requirements

Analyze the technical requirements and the specific needs of the Client.

Phase 2: Consultation in the design of the Mould and in the choice of Compound 

Comparison with the Mould supplier and the definitions of the specifics of the best mould (or those that produce gaskets with the best rapport yield/cost).

Consultation with the supplier of the raw material to define the ideal compound which satisfies the requirements of the client and those of production.



Phase 3: Moulding, Visual and Dimensional Control

Production of Artifacts using injection moulding with horizontal presses. During this process controls are made to approve the start and then frequent controls, each time to verify the absence of defects and dimensional control to check the physical characteristics. 

Phase 4: Finishing, Visual and Dimensional Control

Operations following the moulding, where the gaskets are put through a series of processes (Cryogenic nitrogen deflashing, tumbling, washing and other treatments request by the Customer) procedures to separate the gaskets from scraps and to eliminate the presence of burrs from surface. Also in these phases visual and dimensional controls are carried out, at the end of every single procedure, to ensure a positive outcome of the process.

Phase 5:  Post Curing, Visual and Dimensional Control

In this phase the gaskets are trated thermally (post-cured) in rotating ovens or with static grills, with the aim to improve their physical and mechanical properties and to extract any volatile substances (adjutants in the curing process) present in the compound before moulding. 

Following this, a visual and dimensional control is made for every load put  into the oven. In this phase other specific tests are made such as the COMPRESSION SET (a test which verifies the permanent deformation of the gaskets under a specific compression).

Phase 6: Sorting 100 %

The gaskets are sorted to 100% by qualified operators or by automatic optical and dimensional selection machines. This process guarantees the Client conforming products and the elimination of any defective gaskets. At the end of this phase a control AQL (Acceptable Quality Level) is made which certifies the conformity of the curing operation.  


Phase 7: Final Approval

The Final Approval contains all the necessary controls to approve the quality of the batch of gaskets produced and thus consents them to be sent to the Client. Dimensional controls are part of this process, checking physical (strenght) and mechanical (Compression Set) characteristics.


Phase 8: Packaging

The articles are packed and labeled according to the specifications of the Client in bags and in cartons or other type of packaging where explicitly requested.

Phase 9: Shipping

The packaging containing the gaskets are sent to the Client with a trustworthy courier and delivered as quickly as possible.

Phase 10: SPO™

The service patented by us for the Optimization of the Performance of the Gaskets of the Client through the assignment of a unique referent, programmed visits to compare ideas with the technical staff of the Client and guided training visits at the production centre of TS International®.

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