What does TS International produce?

The 3 principal types of articles which we have manufactured nearly  20  years are: Articles from Drawing , O-Rings both standard and special and Washers.
TS is specialized in the production of Gaskets from technical drawing and, to date, manufacture these products for different sectors of the market, among which Automotive, Automation and Electronic, Packaging, Hydraulic-Sanitary and Gardening.
The highly  qualified staff and the streamlined production line created through the years means that each gasket produced by TS  respects the highest levels of quality and performance which the Clients require. 


Technical Articles

Articles in Custome-Tailored rubber from Technical Drawing, with varied and complex geometric forms. This is the product in which TS has mostly specialized through the years.


The O-Ring is a sealing device of toroidal section: the most humble and simple and mostly used in the STANDARD version. In the SPECIAL version in which the tolerance and compound are varied, is transformed into a more complex product with a high performance.


The Washers are rings with square or rectangular section, utilized mostly for their static seal also under high pressure in as much, differently to the O-Rings, they offer a much greater sealing surface.