The History

Our History

How TS International® was started

The company is based in Sovere in the province of Bergamo, North Italy.

In April of 1977 a young specialized worker, assigned to quality control and to the production cycles of one of the most important companies producing gaskets at that time, decided to put to good use all the experience which he had gained until that moment and start up a small artisan company specialized in manual deburring and the selection of rubber gaskets.

Quoting Claudio Colombo:

"The problem with the manufacturing companies in the rubber sector of then, was the high percentage of waste in the production of gaskets, which could add up to even 40%, impinging, obviously on the Client as 'useless' costs and as a constant risk of an 'insicure' quality. It was this knowledge that a better service could be given to my Clients and a greater guarantee in the result, which motivated me to start up the first artisan company on behalf of the third party".

In 1983 the company of  Claudio Colombo implemented in its service also a "Finishing Process Deburring" and established  CMG srl  after transformed in Crima Seals srl and nowaday incorporated in TS International, which started to build up a certain fame among the producers of gaskets in the area.

No-one could have thought that the road for Claudio Colombo was only at the beginning.

After only two years an honored client of CMG proposed to unite the skills with Colombo and found a company for the moulding of technical articles.

For Colombo it was the opportunity to extend his skills in the production of technical articles (customized gaskets).

More and more oriented towards perfection, efficiency in production and the new skills acquired convinced him to take a further step in quality and to add that missing piece to his collected experience to be able to compete with the big leaders in gaskets production.

Claudio Colombo created a partnership with Sergio Baldelli, (now passed away) one of the greatest experts in the passage from compression moulding (manually) to injection moulding (automatic), who became his mentor and supplied him with the necessary experience to understand the machines in the cycle of production, and to understand their defects and functions. 

"I am of the idea that a machine reconditioned ad hoc is more pratical than a new machine. The injection moulding machines together with human shrewdness make the real difference". Sergio Baldelli

The following collaboration with the manufacturing company MIR, leader in its sector at the time, allowed Colombo to make the final leap in quality and decide to implement his ideals:

  • Less Costs

  • Quality more constant

  • Value for the Client

Thus in 1985  TEKNIGOM srl was founded.

In 1992  the company Italian O-Ring was created to give better performance to the product O-Ring and consequently:

  • Easy assembly for the Client

  • Increased quality in the finished product for a greater guarantee to the Client. Working to a more exacting target.

"At that time you worked for the German retailers, than the Italian production grew, specialized and the final Clients turned directly to the producers bypassing the retailers.
I knew that if  had continued to keep firm my direction towards these ideals, I would have won a large slice of the gaskets market, because more and more companies, today and in the future, will prefer the Specialist to the Generalist and more and more Purchasing Managers will pay attention no longer to the Price of the supplier but to the Total Cost of Utilization which as well as the purchase price includes: possible stoppages of the machines, delays, paying for waste, delays in production and assembly of the gaskets to guarantee a better  performance of the finished product." 
Claudio Colombo

By then having become a reference point for the O-Ring, the experience in the world of gaskets production was completed in 1997 with an English company, specialized in technical articles, looking for a trustworthy person with high level of technical expertise, founding  TECHNO SEALS Srl of which in 1999 Claudio Colombo became sole shareholder.

"From that day I turned also towards the development of a staff that was educated to be first a technician then a marketer and that embraced completely the philosophy that had led me there. For this reason I created  SPO™".

In 2014 TS INTERNATIONAL® srl was set up.

Today TS International srl® works in various sectors of application (Automotive, Automation/Electronict, Sanitary, Hydraulic/Pneumatic, Food and Cosmetics Packaging, Gardening and Household Appliances) and has been selected as a reliable supplier by principale companies precisely for the high level of quality of the products, to the detriment of some of the biggest competitors, more structured and consequently more costly and less careful about the quality.

Strong as a result of having an average hold on Clients for over 10 years, TS International srl™ in 2015 set about enlarging the new head offices and programming a series of investments  aimed at:

- Increase of the quality of internal work

- Increase in the productive cpacity

- Training and Specialization of the staff

- Research and Development

- Internationalization

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