About us

About us

Why choose us?

TS International® is specialized in the production of Rubber Gaskets starting from the technical drawing.

At present we give support to 94 companies, in different sectors of Applications (Automotive, Automation/Electronic, Sanitary, Hydraulic/Pneumatic, Food and Cosmetic Packaging , Gardening and Household Appliances) to  increase the guarantee and the quality of their products through higher performance gaskets.

Thanks to our service (SPO) we have been able to:

- ANTICIPATE problems in the assembly of the gaskets

- AVOID Clients' machines stopping unexpectedly 

- REDUCE (even by 35%)  the total cost of the products which use our gaskets

- REDUCE the time and difficulty of installationa, through specific measures in the productive cycle and proposing improvements in the assembly of the gaskets.


Thus we produce better gaskets, less expensive over a longer period, with a higher performance and fot the Client this means:

- Reduction in Risks

- To have less Total Costs

- An increase in Quality and Performance of the final products

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WHAT does "POOR Performing Gaskets" mean?

The performance of a gasket is directly proportional to the "Total Cost of the utilization of the gasket for the Client" which you measure by putting together the following parameters:

- Compound

- Production waste (Resulting from the Mould drawing)

- Production Cycle Used

- Selection

- Choice of Packaging

- Delays in the Assembly of the Finished Product

- Risk of Stoppages in Production

- Risk of breakages in the Finished Product caused by the gaskets

=> A company which produce gaskets MUST NOT give the best price, but the least "Totale Cost of utilization for the Client". 

Our History explains why we are the only Italian company able to give this service => CLICK HERE

Our Customer Selection

If you are a Purchasing Manager, we clearly know how difficult and often risky it is to change your Supplier of Gaskets and we know that at times it is not worth it, even if you have been offered a lower price.

To help you understand if and by how much it could be worth passing the production of gaskets to us, we can tell you immediatly that it would be difficult for us to seem competitive to Comanies or Purchasing Manager who attribute importante only to the price and NOT to that which we define "Critical Parameters"... => Continue reading CLICK HERE


A Highly Qualified Staff 

Our staff is not only  formed to sell, but it is prepared, above all, to find the gaskets that are the most Effective and Efficient for your products, reducing to a minimun any hitches in the production and assembly phases thanks to our service SPO (Seal Performance Optimization).

"With SPO our Clients realize that the real work of our commercial staff BEGIN (and does not finish) at the end of the order"

No other company in the sector of gaskets production gives thi Special Program of Optimization of the Production in favor of the Client.

For the Purchasing Manager and the Technical Manager this means:

- Anticipate Problems

- Continual Technical Training

- Optimization of Production and Assembly

- Prompt feedback on Problems

=> Find out more information on SPO™

The innovative service SPO™  and the experience gained from numerous case studies has enabled us to reduce, at times, up to 35% the total costs of the utilization of the gaskets and improve by up to 80% the time of assembly for the Client*.

* The figures reported have been collected by putting together data from our internal data base, from CRM and from interviews with Commercial Managers.

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