Our Certifications

Over the years TS has obtained Certification for the Quality Management System and Approval/Certification of products and/or raw materials. Annually part of the budget destined for innovation is used for new Certifications of the product.

Following are the Certifications obtained until now by TS:


CERTIFICATIONS OF THE SYSTEM (Certification for the Quality and Environmental Management System)

TS Staff is pleased to inform its customers that on 28/09/2018 our company received the updating of the certificates according to ISO 9001: 2015 and IATF 16949: 2015 attesting the compliance of the company's quality management system.

In April 2021 we have reached successfully the certification in according to ISO 14001:2015.

Download the ISO 9001 Certification

Download the IATF 16949 Certification

Download the ISO 14001 Certification



The compounds that we use and the products that we sell, transforming such raw materials, can be certified according to different Rules and Regulations (National, European Community, International) or Laws fo different kinds.

TS INTERNATIONAL®  features compounds certified according to:

- FDA 177.2600 (Food and Drug Administration):  from the name of the United States Government Agency for Food and Drugs that is in charge of the regulation of food and pharmaceutical products; this Approval is applied to products generally destined to be in contact with food stuff.

UBA-Regulations: Up to 1st January 2017 the new UBA-Regulations for the hygienic valuation of organic materials in contact with drinking water have been put into force by the German Environment Ministry (UBA). This certification is required prevalently in the sanitary and bathroom fittings sector.

BS EN 549 (E1-H3; D1-H3; B1-H3): approval for rubber material destined for application and appliances for use with gas.

WRAS (BS 6920-1): an English standard created to protect public health, an act to prevent the contamination of the public water supply (taps and fittings, etc.); it is a Certification required prevalently in the sanitary and bathroom fittings sector.

DVGW Arbeitsblatt W270: DVGW is the German acronym for "Deutscher Verein des Gas und Wasserfaches e. V.-Technisch-wissenschaftlicher Verein"; that is the German technical and scientific association for gas and water; the "W270" is the approval applied to plastic and rubber material (non metallic material) in contact with drinking water, the tests must confirm the conformity to the requirements for the microbiological growth according to this standard; it is obviously a certification requested prevalently in the sanitary and bathroom fittings sector.

DVGW  Arbeitsblatt W534: German Regulation, original name: "Rohrverbinder und Rohrverbindungen in der Trinkwasser-Installation"  which regulates the fittings and junctions of the tubes in the installation of drinking water plants. It is a Certification requested prevalently in the sanitary and bathroom fittings sector.

EN 681.1 WB: (Elastomeric Seals Material requirements for pipe joint seals in water and drainage applications. Part. 1: vulcanized rubber). The tests follow the content of the Regulation UNI EN 681-1  "Elastomeric sealing elements -  requirements of materials for sealing junctions in tubes utilized for supply and drainage of water" and they are executed for the type WB. The conformity of such a regulation indicates that the pieces are ideal for assembly and use in plants for the distribution of cold water and drinking water plants. It is a certification required prevalently in the sanitary and bathroom fittings sector. 

ACS: French Regulation (Approval of sanitary conformity) this permits to you to value the competence, through tests from a laboratory authorized by the French Ministry of Health, of a product that must come into contact with water destined for human consumption according to the report of the French Decree of  29th may 1997 and successive updates. This National Decree is applicable to objects in plastic material as well as accessories containing at least one plastic component in contact with drinking water. It is a certification requested prevalently in the sanitary and bathroom fittings sector.

REGULATION (EC) 1935:2004: This is a European Regulation. which puts together all the various national regulations, regarding materials and objects destined for contact with food products, applicable to all the materials and objects destined to be used in contact with foodstuffs: all types of packaging, bottles (plastic and glass), the lids and also the glue and the ink utilized in the printing of the labels. It is a Certification requested prevalently for the packaging sector (packaging of foodstuffs or attached substances).


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