The sectors where our gaskets are applied

Here you can find the principal sectors in which our gaskets are used (in Alphabetical order).

Clicking on the icon of your sector you can see the certificates that we have, examples of products manufactured and case studies of some of our Clients. Every year the members of our TS staff dedicated to a specific sector, are updated and trained on particulars and innovations in that sector: in this way we can be always more competitive in the research for alternative improvements both in terms of Performance and Costs for our Clients.


The sector of Automation/Electronic includes pneumatic and electronic elements destined for control systems for machines, industrial and civil processes.


The automobile industry is the branch of the manufacturing industry which deals with design and construcion of motor vehicles.


The Gardening sector deals with design and construction of articles, machines and utensils used for maintenance of public and private gardens.

Household Appliances

The Electric appliance industry includes the companies which produce Washing Machines, Dishwashers, Tumble Dryers, Vacuum Cleaners, Kitchen Accessories, Suction engines for hoods and civil or industrial use.


The sector of Automation/Electronic includes pneumatic and electronic elemts destined for control system for machine, industrial and civil processes.


The Sanitary sector includes the companies which produce istruments, accessorie and usable products which come in contact with liquids, water of gas in hydraylic context.